Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome To My Home ..... Online!

Hi to all you bloggers out there!  I am the newbie to this group!  I have been following MANY home decor blogs for over a year now, but this is my first time blogging about my own life! 

My better half & myself!

I have been contemplating life on the other side for some time now ..  In fact, every time I complete a project around here, I like to think to myself about adding it to my own blog. Before now it's been an imaginary blog, & I would just jot down my post in my head .. but as my project list grew, and my Pinterest boards have become flooded with images of beautiful Southern homes with picture perfect Martha Stewart flower beds, & more nursery ideas and plans than childern I ever could imagine having, I've decided it's time to place all my thoughts into my own "Real Life" blog .. because to be honest, my boyfriends blank stares and crazy looks just aren't cutting it anymore ;)

Our House - May 2012
I would weigh out the pros and cons, and always toss the blog idea to the side & say to myself .. "Maybe when my house is complete" ...... Who am I trying to kid? We have lived in our house for a little over a year, my master bathroom has been painted four times, and we have just recently purchased our SECOND brand new living room set. So the excuse of "waiting until the house is complete" was obviously NOT realistic by any means! 

My sweet baby boy, Cooper!

So here I am, posting my first blog post! I have lots to share about me, my life, my home, and what goes on inside this little head of mine, so please join me as I enter this whole new world, and share with you my attempt at creating the perfect Pinterest home! :) Until next time, here is a sneak peek inside my world!