Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pantry Madness

This past week has been absolutely crazy! This past weekend Mr. Man finished my new farmhouse table, which I am so absolutely smitten with. Will be posting pictures as soon as I get back around to that project!

So lets rewind a little as to why I haven't been able to pay any much deserved attention to my new table -- So, last Wednesday, I am getting ready to cook dinner, and I pull out a bag of sweet potato chips from the pantry, they were BRAND SPANKIN NEW, literally, I had just bought them the night before. So, open the bag, pull out a chip, and a moth flies it's happy little self out of there. Um, what the shit?! So that, sparked my little mind, because a few days prior I had opened the pantry door and there was a moth crawling along the wall.

So me, being the super paranoid of all types of bugs person that I am, decided to Google "Moths in pantry" .. I mean surely if there was two within a few days of each other, they were coming from somewhere!

WORST. IDEA. EVER. Google is pretty much my best friend and worst enemy rolled into one. After Googling for about 2.5 seconds, I came to the conclusion we had a full on infestation in our pantry (because ya know, TWO moths is classified as an infestation, right?!) So, instead of making dinner, I spent the next three hours taking EVERYTHING out of the pantry and throwing away about $200 worth of groceries.

Was there anything wrong with the stuff I threw away? I'm not really sure, but better to be safe than sorry. Google pretty much told me, it can become a huge problem if you don't take care of it immediately, and if there is one, THERE IS MORE. They can lay up to FOUR FREAKIN HUNDRED eggs at a time. SAY WHAT?! And they are common in items that come in cardboard packaging (i.e. rices, cereals, dog treats, pastas, ect.)

So, after I threw away all the money food that I thought may be contaminated, I had to come up with a plan of what to do next. Well, unfortunately we do not have a gorgeous walk in pantry like I dream of, just a plain jane builder grade pantry ...

Well, thank goodness for Pinterest and all of it's beautiful DIY pantries, because my little wheels in my brain were spinning, I mean.. just look at some of these fabulous pantries ya'll...

Great idea for wine slots in the pantry! Tags or chalkboard paint to label your favorites always in stock. :0) 
Pantry Before and After
PantryPantry makeover!Organized Food PantryCookie Sheet Organizer

So I gathered my favorite ideas from each picture I saw and came up for a game plan for our pantry. First step, purchase glass jars/containers for everything that was not individually packaged (which to my surprise, is A LOT.) If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my daily posts about the project lol.

I started with buying $100 worth of jars and baskets from Hobby Lobby, seriously thank you sweet baby Jesus for their 50% off weeks.

Then, I decided to lable each jar, I would spray paint them with chalkboard paint... talk about time consuming.

So yesterday, I finished up most of the jars, now we are taking all of our builder grade wire shelving out and putting in wood shelves, which makes me so excited because I have wanted wood shelving since we moved in, so no time like the present!

Tonight I hope to get the shelves measured, cut, and painted and hopefully by weekends end, I will have an oh-so-fabulous pantry to show ya'll!

Stay tuned! 

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