Yours Truly

I am a twenty-something decor loving, puppy training, house selling, southern gal. I love anything to do with entertaining, design, decorating, wine, and holidays!

I graduated high school in 2007, went to college to become a dental hygienist, finished with a degree in chemistry, and now, pursuing my dreams of becoming a top producing real estate agent. Funny how things work out, huh?

I met Cody, many, many, years ago while I was in another relationship. We we're friends for the longest time, and always joked about how we would make the perfect couple. Little did I know, in just a few short years I would be buying my first house with him, my first dog with him, and planning the rest of my life with him! I wouldn't want it any other way!

 (June 10, 2011 - Right before closing on our first home!!!)

Speaking of our first home, we bought our house in June of 2011. After many, many, many, MANY months of searching and offering ( Twelve months, and 24 offers to be exact) we FINALLY got the deal of a life time on our little diamond in the ruff. Well, actually, I say diamond in the ruff, but realistically, we are by far the youngest homeowners in our neighborhood, and are far ahead of the game when it comes to most people our age. God truly blessed our lives in 2011 with a beautiful home, the fluffiest puppy, the most supportive and helpful families, excellent jobs, and the sweetest of neighbors. 

A few more things about me..
  1. I am the oldest of two children. My sister & I are nine years apart, and NO, she was not an 'accident'. My parents just wanted to ruin my sparkly life of being an only child. But, I love my sister more than anything, and I love giving her advice :)
  2. I am semi-obsessed with my dog, and I sometimes think I will never love my children as much as I love him... is that normal? Ha! He is just so sweet and cuddly, and does not talk back!
  3. I love football. Literally, cannot get enough. Most girls can't stand it. Not me. I watch football on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, & Thursdays. 
  4. And, speaking of football, I am a die hard Georgia Bulldogs fan. Tried and True. Also, I was born & raised a Chicago Bears fan (where my family is from) but, Cody has slowly converted me to a Falcons fan.
  5. I am completely and utterly OCD, and a perfectionist in every sense of the word. But, I also prefer my clothes scattered everywhere imaginable, rather than neatly tucked away in a closet or drawers. 
  6. I love sleep. No joke, our bed is probably one of my favorite places .. and I am NOT a morning person. Cody is still learning.
  7. My favorite outfit would probably involve leggings, dark nail polish, and a pair of riding boots.
  8. Speaking of riding boots, I own eleven pairs. Of which I have only worn five. I am so obsessed with riding boots in every color, material, and price range. Cannot get enough.
  9. My favorite time of year is from September to January. There is so much about these months that I love, I cannot even express my excitment when this time of year rolls around. Football, leaves, Starbucks holiday drinks, Christmas lights, cool crisp air, outdoor fires, boots, leggings, presents, my birthday, holiday parties, new years .. Seriously, the list is like six pages long.
  10. And last but not least, I cannot function without my phone or mexican food. That simple. 

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