Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Over Here..

I started this blog months ago with the intentions of trying new projects every weekend, making new recipes every week, and posting every day .. But, in this less than Pinterest perfect life of mine, that has clearly NOT happened.

I still have found time to stalk read blogs every day, fantasizing about someday filling my blog with beautiful pictures of our home, mouth watering new recipes that I've made, and even DIY projects that we have accomplished, but life has literally gotten in the way.

In the way of what you might ask? In the way of any free time that may find its way into my schedule. Since starting this blog a few months back, I have had a major career change (more about that later) more BBQ's and friendly get-togethers than one could ever imagine, more DIY projects/new recipes/Pinterest ideas than Martha Stewart would ever find fun, and all while still maintaining a clean house, busy work schedule, spontaneous date nights, and long walks with my sweet pup.

So to start with our home, we have managed to make so many new friends within our neighborhood over the summer months, and it is glorious. Of course we will always have our friends from high school and college, but there is just something about not always having to drive somewhere to go out, or make plans, or get dressed up. Just walking out our front door and down a few houses is so nice. We truly have been blessed when it comes to our neighbors. They are all so wonderful, and of all ages (most okay, all are older than us) but everyone just gets along, and we LOVE it ya'll! Cooper has even found a new fur-friend in the neighborhood, so cute.

More recently we have been really focused on the house, of course with fall in full effect here in Georgia, I have gone a little stir crazy with the decorations. You better believe that come September 1st, I had all of my decorations out in full effect. I just can't get enough of this time of year. The weather has been incredible lately, and I want to soak it up as much as possible before the dreaded winter months arrive. Here are a few pictures of what fall has brought to our house this year...

The first place it started was in our dining room, with the coffee filter wreath I made (talk about a DIY project that I will never do again, mark my words .. Holy.Pain.In.The.Ass!)

Then I moved onto the dining room table..

Then to the mantle in the living room (please excuse the terrible picture quality, it was night, and I was overly excited about how it turned out..) I will have to tell you all about this design idea in another post -- Seriously you will love it & love the price tag!

Then onto the front porch. I knew I had to hit a home run with this because everyone would be seeing it .. so it was on. On a Friday night, the man and I decided to go to Pike's to pick up our pumpkins (It was $20 for ALL.YOU.CAN.CARRY) You better believe I loaded Cody down with some pumpkins, actually so much so that the two men working in the seasonal center took a picture because they had never seen someone carry so many out .. HA! So .. here we have the front porch ....

So there is my fall-tastic ideas around the house! Of course I have other small touches every where I can put them, or plug them in. Is it bad that I had the windows open a few Saturdays ago, and one of of my neighbors was on her way down and couple smell my apple cinnamon spiced house from a house down? LOL -- I'm not kidding when I say I love fall! Hope everyone is fantastic, and has a spook-tacular Halloween!