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I am beyond passionate about my job and what I do! After purchasing our home, I knew this profession is exactly where I belonged. I could not get enough of looking at houses, and every single little detail that went along with buying a home. But, there was one issue, I had a degree in chemistry, and absolutely no real estate experience outside of buying our house.

One night, after a long, long week of meetings, and bumper to bumper traffic through Atlanta, I had absolutely hit my breaking point. I came home and sat down with Cody to have a long talk, which would eventually lead to me applying for just three jobs on Monster.

After this, I was so down, thinking I would never find a job much closer to home, doing what I absolutely loved. I knew I wanted to be in real estate, but, getting my foot in the door somewhere that was highly reputable was going to be a long, hard road. But, I took a shot, and applied to one last job posting for a real estate position within a local Remax office. The description for the position was incredibly brief, and I honestly never expected to hear anything back.

Later that night, as Cody and I were laying in bed discussing my next career move, my phone rang. And much to my surprise, it was our realtor! Now, she is a looong time family friend of Cody and I, so it was not exactly out of the ordinary she would call, but this late just seemed odd. I answered, and on the other end was a voice filled with excitement. Dawn (our realtor) had posted this job online just a week prior to replace her assistant who had been with her for over 13 years.... and she had received MY application when I applied!

I literally could not believe what I was hearing at this point. I think I stopped listening after the first sentence and was in complete and utter shock. It wasn't like a picture perfect movie where I was offered the job right then in there, several weeks actually went by before I ever heard back from Dawn regarding the position, but when I did, it was a call to come into the office and interview! I was beyond ecstatic, not only about the interview, but the fact of how God works in the most mysterious of ways! And basically the rest is history.

I was given my dream job of choice, and not only that, I was given the chance to learn from one of the best Realtors in the entire southeast!

Dawn has been in real estate for over twenty years, and is the absolute BEST at what she does! With that being said .. If you have any real estate questions or needs in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, we are glad to help in any way at all! Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 
770-831-4415 - Office

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