Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meanwhile at the Griswold's...

I have seriously slacked on posts lately, but when I saw this holiday link party going on, I had to join!

Life has been so crazy busy, per usual, I seriously think I decorated our house over a span of four weeks, that's normal, right? And, I still have a few things I could put out.

So instead of a blog post, here is a photo dump of our house this year for Christmas! Enjoy!

(House Exterior 2012)

Front Porch Tree: Wrapped in burlap garland with assorted woodland picks from Hobby Lobby, sticks/twigs from our yard, and red feather picks also from Hobby Lobby. 
Plaid blanket from Queen of Hearts. 

DIY Snowman Wreath, Urns with fresh garland from Home Depot, and poinsettias

DIY Chalkboard, w/ twigs from the yard, DIY paper mache deer, per-bought Christmas swag on dining room buffet

Wooden toolbox filled with greens, berries & pinecones on old shutter on dining room table

Two of our trees: Left - Front Office w/ DIY burlap garland, Right - Living room tree w/ over sized snow flakes.

Living room mantle: DIY chalkboard, DIY stockings, pallet w/ wreath and simple pre-bought garland

DIY Chalkboard

DIY Garland: Store bough garland (Walmart $4) Added berries, assorted greenery picks from Hobby Lobby, and then made burlap ribbons with hanging pinecones.

DIY Chalkboard

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis The Season...

Is it just me, or does this time of year go by at a ridiculous pace? I just want to bottle up all the holiday cheer and use it throughout the year! Everyone is just so jolly and happy .. I LOVE IT!

With that being said .. it is officially the holiday season around our house and I have been taking full advantage of this time of year! I have been decorating our house for about two weeks now, (don't judge, we both love Christmas!) and I have also been shopping non stop.

We didn't freeze our asses off go all out this year for Black Friday, but we did scoop up some good deals! Thursday night we went to WalMart so I could get my hands on the Paula Deen 28 piece cookware .. um, hello .. GOOD DEAL. Then Friday we each spent a majority of the day shopping for each other. Is it just me, or did Black Friday not seem as busy this year?
(If you don't have this set, I HIGHLY recommend picking one up .. so fabulous!)

Anyways, after I drained my bank account finished shopping, it was time to sprinkle holiday cheer all over our house, and I could hardly contain my excitement. Even though I started decorating before Thanksgiving, it was time to get serious about turning our house into the North Pole. I am almost there, just a few more touches inside and out and we'll be all set.

How is your holiday decorating coming along?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I am Thankful for...

In the spirit of the season, I have decided to avoid the current trend on Facebook by posting what I am thankful for each day, and do one big blog post regarding my thankfulness :) Since I have fully committed to making something of this blog, I figured why not?! And even though I do not think I could ever put into words all that I am thankful for, I would like to put the most important things on here :)

First and foremost, I am simply thankful for Cody. He is my rock, my better half, my happy place, and my 'normal' in this crazy, hectic, always on-the-go life of mine. He is my biggest supporter, and is always there when I need him, & even when I think I don't. I could not imagine my life without him, and I am so thankful for God working in the most mysterious of ways, and putting us together. I truly believe God wanted us together when he wrote our life story, and for that, I am thankful. 

Secondly, I am thankful for our families. We each have been blessed beyond belief when it comes to our families and the constant love and support they have all given us not only throughout our relationship, but our entire lives. They are always there for us, cheering us on, supporting our every decision, and helping every chance they have. I am thankful for the relationships that we have each formed with each others families, and the relationship our families have formed together. They would literally bend over backwards for us, and are always so willing and kind. We always talk about how blessed we are to have the families that we do, and for that WE are thankful!

Next up, COOPER! In reality, my sweet boy is probably one of my most favorite things about my life. Not only is he a pure momma's boy ha! .. He is the most loyal, loving, snuggly (is that a word?) fur-baby on the planet. I literally could not imagine my life without this dog. He is oooober protective of his momma, and is always by my side, or under my feet, or under the table (begging, of course!) but regardless of his stinky breath, or fuzzy fur-ball tumbleweeds that are currently floating around our house, I will love this dog to the end of time. Is it weird that he is just barely one, and I already get overly emotional at the thought of him getting that "white face" that all goldies get when they get older? ugh, so sad .. but, with that being said, it just shows how much I love this little stud muffin. Get ready for cuteness overload.

(I don't even want to know how many pictures I am going to take of my actual human children.)

Next, I am thankful for my Career. Beyond thankful actually. Like I posted last week, the job post will be for another day and another time, but for today, I am purely thankful where I am in my career and for who I work with, and who I work for. For those of you who know, I had a major career change over the summer, and I work for Remax Five Star now! I love what I do. There is not a day I dread coming into work, or looking at houses with the sweetest clients. I absolutely LOVE it. I have met so many new people, who are all so sweet to trust me with such a big decision in their life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! I have truly been blessed when it comes to this career!

Next .. I am thankful for our home. Our house means the world to us, for so many reasons. But, to say I am thankful for our home, would be the understatement of the year. Ya'll, for those of you who know, we went through hell and high water buying our first home .. no joke. But, here we are a year and a half later, and we could not be ANY happier, or more thankful for our beautiful home and absolutely wonderful neighbors!! God truly blessed our lives and showed us exactly where we are supposed to be with this home.

And who could forget my friends. Better yet, my girlfriends. The ones who I talk to every day, or the ones I can go months without talking to, and pick right back up where we have left off. The ones who are there no matter what, and even the ones who we have lost touch over the years. I truly believe my friends make up a huge part of who I am today. So no matter where our relationships have drifted away to, or not drifted at all, I am thankful for all my girlfriends, new and old. You have forever impacted my life in some way, at some time, and for that, I am thankful for you.

And a few more things that I am oh-so-thankful for .. my cell phone (because I don't think I could survive without it) Pinterest, mexican food, Bert's Bees Chapstick, my hairstylist Jessica, my DVR, reality TV shows, Starbucks, fall weather, Georgia Football, Falcons Football, Google that I literally do not go a day without using, fuzzy socks, TJ Maxx HomeGoods, riding boots, leggings (that I could live in) country music, sweet tea, nail polish, Yogli Mogli, & Tory Burch.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life Over Here..

I started this blog months ago with the intentions of trying new projects every weekend, making new recipes every week, and posting every day .. But, in this less than Pinterest perfect life of mine, that has clearly NOT happened.

I still have found time to stalk read blogs every day, fantasizing about someday filling my blog with beautiful pictures of our home, mouth watering new recipes that I've made, and even DIY projects that we have accomplished, but life has literally gotten in the way.

In the way of what you might ask? In the way of any free time that may find its way into my schedule. Since starting this blog a few months back, I have had a major career change (more about that later) more BBQ's and friendly get-togethers than one could ever imagine, more DIY projects/new recipes/Pinterest ideas than Martha Stewart would ever find fun, and all while still maintaining a clean house, busy work schedule, spontaneous date nights, and long walks with my sweet pup.

So to start with our home, we have managed to make so many new friends within our neighborhood over the summer months, and it is glorious. Of course we will always have our friends from high school and college, but there is just something about not always having to drive somewhere to go out, or make plans, or get dressed up. Just walking out our front door and down a few houses is so nice. We truly have been blessed when it comes to our neighbors. They are all so wonderful, and of all ages (most okay, all are older than us) but everyone just gets along, and we LOVE it ya'll! Cooper has even found a new fur-friend in the neighborhood, so cute.

More recently we have been really focused on the house, of course with fall in full effect here in Georgia, I have gone a little stir crazy with the decorations. You better believe that come September 1st, I had all of my decorations out in full effect. I just can't get enough of this time of year. The weather has been incredible lately, and I want to soak it up as much as possible before the dreaded winter months arrive. Here are a few pictures of what fall has brought to our house this year...

The first place it started was in our dining room, with the coffee filter wreath I made (talk about a DIY project that I will never do again, mark my words .. Holy.Pain.In.The.Ass!)

Then I moved onto the dining room table..

Then to the mantle in the living room (please excuse the terrible picture quality, it was night, and I was overly excited about how it turned out..) I will have to tell you all about this design idea in another post -- Seriously you will love it & love the price tag!

Then onto the front porch. I knew I had to hit a home run with this because everyone would be seeing it .. so it was on. On a Friday night, the man and I decided to go to Pike's to pick up our pumpkins (It was $20 for ALL.YOU.CAN.CARRY) You better believe I loaded Cody down with some pumpkins, actually so much so that the two men working in the seasonal center took a picture because they had never seen someone carry so many out .. HA! So .. here we have the front porch ....

So there is my fall-tastic ideas around the house! Of course I have other small touches every where I can put them, or plug them in. Is it bad that I had the windows open a few Saturdays ago, and one of of my neighbors was on her way down and couple smell my apple cinnamon spiced house from a house down? LOL -- I'm not kidding when I say I love fall! Hope everyone is fantastic, and has a spook-tacular Halloween!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome To My Home ..... Online!

Hi to all you bloggers out there!  I am the newbie to this group!  I have been following MANY home decor blogs for over a year now, but this is my first time blogging about my own life! 

My better half & myself!

I have been contemplating life on the other side for some time now ..  In fact, every time I complete a project around here, I like to think to myself about adding it to my own blog. Before now it's been an imaginary blog, & I would just jot down my post in my head .. but as my project list grew, and my Pinterest boards have become flooded with images of beautiful Southern homes with picture perfect Martha Stewart flower beds, & more nursery ideas and plans than childern I ever could imagine having, I've decided it's time to place all my thoughts into my own "Real Life" blog .. because to be honest, my boyfriends blank stares and crazy looks just aren't cutting it anymore ;)

Our House - May 2012
I would weigh out the pros and cons, and always toss the blog idea to the side & say to myself .. "Maybe when my house is complete" ...... Who am I trying to kid? We have lived in our house for a little over a year, my master bathroom has been painted four times, and we have just recently purchased our SECOND brand new living room set. So the excuse of "waiting until the house is complete" was obviously NOT realistic by any means! 

My sweet baby boy, Cooper!

So here I am, posting my first blog post! I have lots to share about me, my life, my home, and what goes on inside this little head of mine, so please join me as I enter this whole new world, and share with you my attempt at creating the perfect Pinterest home! :) Until next time, here is a sneak peek inside my world!