Monday, March 11, 2013

Easter Wreath

For once, I did semi-okay with taking step-by-step pictures of one of my projects! I always get a million questions on how I do things, so I am trying to get better about taking pictures along the way! :) Bear with me ya'll.

I knew I wanted a cute Easter wreath, but had a hard time coming up with this one. I had seen a few different wreaths that I liked on Pinterest, but of course when you click on the link to see better pictures, either half of them don't exist, or, the freakin thing is over $100, um no thanks!

So, after deciding on a style I really liked, off to Hobby Lobby I went. Once I was there, I began to run into some issues. I know bunnies have large, cute floppy ears, but apparently Hobby Lobby doesn't understand this. After brainstorming for over and hour a little while, I picked up these overly large oval shaped grapevine wreaths. They are ridiculously dis-proportioned, but oh well, you should have seen my other options .. I'm talking like tiny little ears that come on those headbands that kids wear around Easter, not cute. 

I picked up two "ears", a head, and a body. Then grabbed some wire-edged ribbon, and small pink and white flowers and off I went!

First.. I placed my grapevine wreaths down on a table to figure out how I wanted everything. I always put everything face down because you will be tying the different wreaths together on the backside so it is not visible when you hang it up.

Once you have everything positioned how you want it, tie all the wreaths in place using a durable string. My go-to string for all of my wreaths is a jute string that I picked up at Hobby Lobby months ago and has never let me down.

I wrap the string through the different vines to make sure it will hold. Tie together in a tight knot to ensure it will stay in place. Continue this for each wreath you need tied together. (I generally do two knots per wreath.)

 Now that your wreaths are tied tightly in place, flip it over to make sure everything stays in tact and is exactly how you want it to look. I decided to add flowers to my grapevine to give it more of a spring touch. This part is quite time consuming, but is worth it in the end! I bought these flowers because I knew they would be easy to take apart to stick into the wreaths. Here is an example of what I am talking about...

Each stem in the bouquet was individually wrapped wire, so they were super simple just to pull out of the bunch. Once they were separated, I stuck them into the grapevine and made sure they were securely placed in there so they wouldn't fall out...

Repeat this step five million times and you will be ready to hang up your new wreath! I added a pink ribbon between the "head" and the "body" wreaths to add a little more character. The possibilities are endless with this wreath, and there are so many personal touches you could add, mine is just a basic how-to! Hope this has helped! :)
Osie Moats


  1. Coming over from the Osie Moats linky. I love the bunny - super adorable!

  2. Found your cute wreath at Osie Moats link party!!! That is the cutest thing ever;) Gonna show it to my bff, she'll love it! Oh and I pinned it to a group board, hope that brings you lots of visitors!

    Jenny from

  3. Thank you ladies! I really appreciate it! :)