Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

So, it is no secret I pretty much adore Pinterest. Some of my greatest ideas ever have stemmed from some of the amazing pictures I come across .. for example, my living room stripe wall..

Orr... the gallery wall in my office ...

Or, to paint the inside of our front door..

Pinterest pretty much is my home away from home! I use it for everything from recipes, to paint colors, to biulding ideas, you name, I've pinned it! Ha. So, of course, when I stumbled across this little link party on one of my daily reads.. I had to join. So please excuse me while I go a little Pinterest-cray-cray on ya'll, but I have been doing some serious lusting over all the spring pins lately :)

 Loving on these Dolce Vita Flats -- with the pop of pink, they are perfect for spring!

 I adore this Essie color! It has spring written all over it! :)

 Love, love, love these workout capris - Perfect color to motivate anyone to work out!


These are more "summery" but regardless, I am obsessing!

 This Tory tote is SO cute! I will be adding this to my collection soon. 

 Loving the denim and hot pink combo!

 Planning on attempting this in our backyard this spring..

I just had to with this one haha! This is SO Cooper! 

These colored deviled eggs are perfect for an Easter get together!

 These Tory flats are PERFECT for spring!

 And, last but not least ... haha anyone who knows me, knows this is exactly something I would say! hahaha


  1. Your house is so cute! You've done a wonderful job.

    1. Agreed! I love the stripes in the living room and that map divided up is beyond fantastic! Great door color too.