Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tis The Season...

Is it just me, or does this time of year go by at a ridiculous pace? I just want to bottle up all the holiday cheer and use it throughout the year! Everyone is just so jolly and happy .. I LOVE IT!

With that being said .. it is officially the holiday season around our house and I have been taking full advantage of this time of year! I have been decorating our house for about two weeks now, (don't judge, we both love Christmas!) and I have also been shopping non stop.

We didn't freeze our asses off go all out this year for Black Friday, but we did scoop up some good deals! Thursday night we went to WalMart so I could get my hands on the Paula Deen 28 piece cookware .. um, hello .. GOOD DEAL. Then Friday we each spent a majority of the day shopping for each other. Is it just me, or did Black Friday not seem as busy this year?
(If you don't have this set, I HIGHLY recommend picking one up .. so fabulous!)

Anyways, after I drained my bank account finished shopping, it was time to sprinkle holiday cheer all over our house, and I could hardly contain my excitement. Even though I started decorating before Thanksgiving, it was time to get serious about turning our house into the North Pole. I am almost there, just a few more touches inside and out and we'll be all set.

How is your holiday decorating coming along?

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