Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 In Review/Jumpstarting 2013!

Wow, I literally cannot believe it is 2013! The saying "the older you get, the faster time flies" is becoming more true every day! It feels like just yesterday I was putting up my Christmas decorations, and now it's time to take them down! (Which I am ridiculously sad about .. why can't they just stay up a few more months?)

Anyways, we had a fantastic Christmas with our families and were so incredibly blessed again this year! It is always such a treat to have both of our families together, laughing, exchanging gifts, and eating delicious food! We continued our tradition we started last year and had both of our families over to our house for Christmas morning together. We sat around and drank coffee and mimosa's, enjoyed an incredible breakfast with so many different breakfast foods, and then opened presents. Such a fantastic morning. Unfortunately, my camera was dead, and I didn't get to snap any pictures.. but, thank goodness Cody's mom was able to get a few shots, and probably my favorite picture of all time!

 I just love it!

Sadly enough, Christmas did come to an end and it was back to reality on Thursday and Friday! Saturday was our last holiday party of the season, and a tacky sweater one at that! 

And then before you know it, it was NYE! I think this was the first year we didn't have a big party, or do anything crazy! We went down to our neighbors house, and just had a nice relaxing evening with them! Nothing fancy, but a good time!

New Years day, it literally rained the entire day, and I am actually kind of glad, I don't think I left the couch the entire day. HA!

UGA won their bowl game, which was still a hard pill to swallow, considering they should be in the national championship! Still a little bitter about that, obviously!

But, now that it is a new year, it is time to start fresh! Looking back on 2012, we got so much accomplished with our home, and I can't wait to get started with our 2013 projects!

In March of this year, we had our house painted, which completely changed the entire look of our home!

Then in May, we had our drain lines run from our front yard, to a creek near our property. This has made the biggest difference for our yard! It was pretty pricey, ecspecially since you can't exactly see anything, but it has been worth every penny!

*Since this picture, we have since had pine straw laid, as well as low growing plants, so it looks much nicer than just dirt!

Then also in May, we ripped up all the old crappy landscape edging the previous owners had put in, and we put down rocks..

Then I did a few indoor projects.. 
Like painting our front door!

And making a small gallery wall..

I also refinished my dining room table..
*Sorry I don't have a better after picture on my computer right now, but I absolutely love this outcome. It lightened the entire dining room up, and I am so glad I took eight hours of my life to redo this! HA!

But, then, in October, we started the biggest change of all.. which will be a work in progress through the spring of this year.. We began our backyard renovations! Anyone who knows us, knows how terrible our backyard was beforehand.. but, we absolutely LOVE it now!

*In 2013, I promise to be better at picture taking, because I still do not have a picture of the completed project, but it is so fabulous ya'll!

We also did other projects here and there to increase the value of our house, and also to continue to work towards our goal of turning a house into a home! In 2013, we have vowed to focus more on actual home improvement projects, rather than decorating (I'm really bad about this) 

So, in 2013 here is a list of what we hope to accomplish..
1.Redo Kitchen;
              • Paint/Glaze cabinets
              • Change out all the hardware
              • Paint Walls
              • Build new kitchen table/sell current one
              • Buy new barstools
              • Update island w/ finials & add more trim
              • Large DIY Chalkboard on wall facing living room 
 2. Finish backyard 
              • Landscaping
              • Finish deck addition on bottom deck
              • Walkway from bottom deck to patio
3. Wrought Iron Railings in foyer
4. Update all door handles/hinges to ORB fixtures
5.Start finishing the basement
6. Re-tile our master bathroom/shower/tub
7. Paint doors in master bathroom
8.Repaint interior front door
9.Crown Molding upstairs hallway
10. Finish my craft room
              • New Rug
              • Curtains
              • DIY Cork Boards
              • Chair for current desk
              • Purchase IKEA Expedit Bookshelf
              • Paint Ceiling/Add Crown Moulding
              • Chandelier 

And I am sure along the way I will add many more things to the list, but this is a pretty good start for 2013! Wish us luck! And check back tomorrow for our goals on a healthy 2013!

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