Tuesday, January 15, 2013

After Christmas.... Decorating?

So I am completely, 100% lost on how to decorate this time of year. So much so, to the point of where I have even Googled it. Seriously, thank God for Google.

Two weekends ago we took down all of our Christmas stuff, and my house is straight up NAKED ya'll! I had no idea how much stuff I had put out for Christmas. Jeez! So two trips later to buy MORE storage bins from Home Depot, all our stuff is safely packed away in the basement until next year!

But in the mean time, I am so lost. It's not spring, and the holidays are over -- So what exactly do I put out? Here is what Pinterest has offered..

lovely decor for after the Christmas season 
Fresh greenery! 

Go transitional. Create a base of winter greenery and lights, then layer on the Christmas. After the holidays, switch out the Christmas music candles for plain ones and pack away the trees and stockings. Leave the flocked evergreen garland, shiny votives, crystal and silver candlesticks and even the boxwood wreath 
For the mantle, fresh greens, mercury glass, and rustic elements.

After you take down the Christmas decorations - this is a nice transition to winter. 
Neutrals with pops of color, i.e. red berries, fresh white flowers, pine.

perfect...I have a ton of these laying around 
This looks warm and cozy, once again using glass, and assortments of neutrals and greens.

Winter Decor 
Love the birch along with the lights and ribbon.

After decorating my Christmas Mantel with fresh greenery and garden-in… :: Hometalk 
And once more, greenery and neutrals.

So basically what Pinterest summed up for me is.. A. I should have kept all of my fresh garland and re-used it else where. B. I should not of packed away all of my 3000 pine cones, and C. I have the perfect excuse for a little retail therapy.

Georgia doesn't really get a "winter" very often.. so decorating with fake snow, and snowmen, and all sorts of "wintery" stuff just doesn't make sense to me.. especially when it was 76 degrees on Sunday.... SAY WHAT? But, maybe it's a good thing it doesn't freeze until March down here, because I don't think I would ever be able to part ways with my Christmas decorations. HA!

But, I do have to say.. the longer I let my house go "naked".. the more content I am becoming with it. This time of year it's always nice to purge a little, and that is exactly what I have been doing. Every day I am finding something else to clean or organize, I guess I am just getting all my spring cleaning done early this year? Ha.

So how does everyone else decorate in between seasons?

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