Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Five Things

 Saw this little thing going around bloggy-land so I decided to join in!

5 Things ... 

... you'll find in my purse
1. Burt's Bees Chapstick
2. Mascara
3. Wallet
4. Plans to some DIY project I want done, ha!
5. Cell phone, but who am I kidding, this thing is always in my hand.

... you'll find in my bedroom
1. Burt's Bees -- Literally have one in every spot so I don't lose one haha!
2. My iPad
3. 900 Pillows -- We have a ridiculous amount of pillows.
4. Blankets; Another thing I make sure we will never have a shortage of ;)
5. Wall charger for my phone

... I've always wanted to
1. Get Cooper a brother
2. Go on a month long vacation with not a care in the world.
3. Go to the Country Music Awards in Nashville
4. Meet Carrie Underwood
5. Own a house on lots of land and have some horses!

... I'm currently loving
1. Nashville -- Cannot get enough of this show!!
2. My newest Michael Kors watch
3. Getting our house ready to sell!
4. Buckwild on MTV, ha such a guilty pleasure for sure!
5. My new hair color

... quirks I have 
1. I am majorly independent.
2. I can't stand when people put the toilet paper roll on backwards hahaha -- I will literally fix it at someones house.
3. I don't like to get my nails done (I feel like it just takes foreverrrr) lol -- but I can't stand having unprofessional looking nails!!
4. I cannot paint .. Like to save my life haha .. I always hire it out!
5. If my kitchen is clean, I feel like my whole house feels so much cleaner.

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