Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pasta, Sick Days, & Duck Dynasty

My blog posts haven't gone exactly as planned this week! Being non-stop busy and sick at the same time doesn't work out so well.. So yesterday I took a day off from work to get some much needed rest to start feeling better .. and thank goodness I am! My day consisted of the following..

9 AM When mom is sick, the babe is sick.  

10 AM Admiring my Frye boots :)

11AM Coop & his baby have a disagreement

12PM Start doing a little spring decorating

1PM Decided to paint the fireplace..
(Before: Stark White)

In process.. Only part of the top is painted, and is still wet, thats why it looks lighter in some areas..

Finished product.. (Sorry for the terrible picture quality, it was cloudy and I was using my phone sitting on the couch.. HA!)

It's hard to tell much in picture, but it looks so much better. So now, I am in the process of painting all of our baseboards, crown molding, and wainscoting in this color. I may be slightly insane.

2PM - We facetimed with daddy :)

3PM Watched Kourtney & Kim take Miami and scoured the internet to find these beautiful chairs...

4PM (Clearly I was running out of things to do at this point..)

Finally around 5PM the mister got home and I was feeling much better! So I decided to throw together a simple pasta dish just in time for our favorite shows to come on ... In the Middle, Modern Family, Saburgatory, The Neighbors, Nashville, and Duck Dynasty! Seriously, Wednesday nights we are glued to the TV ha!

But anyways.. this pasta, ya'll, once again, super simple & so good! Obviously, the picture is a little disturbing, but that doesn't matter! ha!

1 Package Hillshire Farm Turkey Sausages (You can use any brand, and any flavor, we just prefer the Hillshire Farms Turkey Pepper Jack)
1 or 2 Cans Died Tomatoes (Fire Roasted Style)
1 Cup Spinach (Frozen or Fresh)
1 Cup Chopped Mushrooms 
1/2 Cup Chopped Onion
Rotini Noodles 
Parmesan Cheese 
Fresh Garlic
Olive Oil
Any Seasonings
 (I used Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Pepper, and a small amount of Garlic Salt) 

Begin with heating your garlic and olive oil in a pan. While the pan is heating begin dicing up your onion, sausages, and mushrooms. For this recipe I only used three sausage links, but feel free to use as many as you like. I cut the sausage link width wise so my pieces were slightly thick, and the size of a quarter (I have no idea how to explain this otherwise haha)

When all the sausages were cut up, I added them to the pan first over medium heat letting them brown. Next I added in the onions, then mushrooms and let everything sautee together just until the onions and mushrooms began to get soft, once at this point, add in your can of diced tomatoes (including juice) and allow to simmer.

While simmering, bring water to a boil in a medium pan for your noodles. Once it begins to boil, add in your noddles and cook according to directions.

When your noodles are almost finished cooking, add in your spinach, seasonings, and fresh Parmesan cheese and mix everything together, including noodles!

Serve immediately, topped with additional grated Parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

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